How to create database instance in Azure

Step 1: Azure Subscription

You would need to subscribe for azure portal in order to use azure services. Below is the link for azure portal –

If you do not have an Azure account, provide your email or telephone number and it will verify that you are not in the system and will invite you to create an account. There is an option for a free trial account with $200 USD in credits for 30 days, so you can play with Azure resources without spending money during those 30 days.

Step 2: Create SQL Database

Once you are subscribed on azure , you can go to “SQL Databases” link and click “Create SQL Database”. Once you click on “Create SQL Database” , you will see the form as below –

Step 3: Create Server

In order to create database instance ,you need to create server as highlighted below –

Step 4: Create Database Instance

After all the configuration is done , you can create database instance by clicking Review + Create button as shown below –

Now the database instance is up and running as shown below screen –

Step 5: Access Database

You can see database details once you open the resource as below –

You connect to database using visual studio to perform various operations –

You need to install below plugin in Visual Code Studio to connect to database.

Once the plugin is installed , you can connect to database by giving database details . When you try to connect to database, you need to enable firewall on the database instance to make it secure and accessible to outside world. You can add firewall rule as shown below –

Also you can connect and access database from azure platform –

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