Spring boot

1. Spring boot Introduction
What’s spring boot? Why spring boot? and Advantages of spring boot.

2. Spring boot Hello world
We will create a simple HelloWorld application using spring boot.

3. Spring boot + Angular JS + Hibernate CRUD
We are using  Spring boot version 1.5.9.RELEASE which has hibernate 5.0 version inside it to create CRUD operations with MySQL database. The User interface is designed using Angular JS.

4. Restful webservices using Spring boot
Spring boot to develop RESTful API .

5. Spring boot + Spring Security
We can secure spring application using spring security API provided by spring.

6. Spring boot Data JPA+ Angular JS + MySQL Database CRUD
TodoManager apllication using Spring boot Data JPA , angular JS and MySQL database

7. Spring Boot + ActiveMQ
We will use Spring boot with ActiveMQ

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