Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of shared computing where one utilizes large-scale computing infrastructure. In other words, powerful hardware is interlinked, often to fully realize the benefits of virtualization. This hardware can be shared among many users in the form of a public cloud or dedicated to one entity as it is used in private cloud computing. Cloud computing is about hardware-based services (involving computing, network and storage capacities), where:

  • Services are provided on-demand; customers can pay for them as they go, without the need to invest into a datacenter.
  • Hardware management is abstracted from the customers.
  • Infrastructure capacities are elastic and can easily scale up and down.

There is a powerful economic force behind this simple model: providing and consuming cloud computing services generally allows to have far more efficient resource utilization, compared to self-hosting and data center type of hosting.

This part of tutorial will cover cloud technologies . We will explore cloud platforms like Azure, AWS etc.

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