Angular Installation and Setup

In this post , we will see how to install angular environment and create & run first ever angular application –

Prerequisites –

You need to install node.js on your system. You can download node.js from their official website

Once you install it on your system,you can check the version of node.js by executing below command on command line –

node -v

With node.js installation ,you will by default get npm (Node Package Manager). NPM provides the libraries required to run the angular application. Below command gives the version of npm –

npm -v

Now below are the steps to create,build & deploy your first angular application .

Step 1: Install Angular CLI

Angular CLI is Command Line Interface which provides various commands to create , build and deploy application . Below is npm command to install Angular CLI globally –

npm install -g @angular/cli

Step 2: Create a workspace anf first Anguar application

ng new firstApp

This will create a workspace for new project i.e. first-app . It will generate all the initial artifacts. Project structure is as below –

  • src – All source files
  • e2e – End to end test project
  • Configuration files – angular.json, package.json etc.

Step 3: Use of IDE

I personally prefer, Visual Code Studio as IDE for angular project. Its an open source IDE provided by Microsoft.

Step 4: Build and deploy

ng build

This command will build the project and create the artifacts in /dist folder.

ng serve

This command will deploy the build artifacts to nodejs server and serve it to client.

Application can accessed via – http://localhost:4200/

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